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Advanced BioFuels Will Only Add To Global Warming
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03:20:16 pm on October 26, 2009

In a study published by Science, it was found that advanced biofuels such as woods and grasses that are meant to provide alternative fuels without cutting into food supplies (such as ethanol does), will emit more carbon dioxide than burning gasoline over the next few decades .. and yes also cut into food supplies.  The study concludes that the land required to grow poplar trees and tropical grasses will displace food crops and accelerate deforestation.  Why is this so difficult for governments to understand?  Another study published last week in the journal Science also indicates that the UN has exaggerated the carbon savings from biofuels because it ignores deforestation and other land use costs.

also published in the journal Science on Thursday, said the United Nations had exaggerated carbon savings from biofuels and biomass, in a mistake copied by the European Union in its cap and trade law, by ignoring deforestation and other land use changes.

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Next Wave Of Stimulus To Flow To Smart Grid?
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02:37:06 pm on October 26, 2009

The government has earmarked $4 billion to help modernize the grid with smarter hardware and applications, allowing consumers to track their energy use and provide the highway to allow renewable energy to flow across that nation.  However, those efforts have been stalled a bit by the government’s inability to get funds out quickly.  Smart grid companies are frustrated, but Green Beat says the funds will begin to flow soon and continue early next year. 

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Mariah Power Releases WindSpire iPhone App To Measure Wind Speed
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04:31:11 am on October 26, 2009

Thinking about putting up a wind tower in the backyard?  You might want to measure the average wind speed first and Mariah Power now offers a way to do it with a cool iPhone app.  Point the microphone towards the sky and the app will determine the wind speed based on the noise which converts to dB reading corresponding to wind speed.  Just make sure the lawn isn’t being mowed.  Create With Context created the app for Mariah, which produces home wind turbines designed for average wind speeds of at least 10mph.  While the company acknowledges that the readings aren’t 100% scientifically accurate, they plan to develop of a database of wind speeds across the world based on user readings.  It should be noted that there are already two wind speed apps for the iPhone – the Wind Meter and Wind Speed app which have garnered mixed review.  Mariah claims its app will be more accurate. 

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Nation’s Largest Solar Plant Begins Producing Tuesday
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01:48:46 am on October 26, 2009

This Tuesday Barack Obama will inaugurate what will be the nation’s largest solar plant.  The 25MW Florida plant, called the Desoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center, sits on 180 acres and will provide enough power for 3000 homes and businesses.  It will eclipse Nevada’s Nellis Solar Power Plant for the title of largest solar photovoltaic solar facility in the US, but won’t hold that title for long.  First Solar is building a 48MW plant in Nevada and announced recently it will build a huge 2GW plant over in China.  It’s a great start though and puts Florida and FPL Group on the solar map. 

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Build A Homemade Wind Generator
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05:59:14 pm on November 11, 2008

With oil prices now hovering around $60/barrel, the appetite for wind and solar energy has waned quite a bit but that doesn’t mean that we can forget about alternative energies.  The demand picture may have changed as the world economy falters but the supply picture won’t.  Once the economy improves, cheap oil will be increasingly difficult to come by and prices will rise again. . in a big way.

Perhaps now is the time to look into building your own homemade wind generator!  Parts are likely much cheaper and you’ll be well positioned and an expert on wind generators once oil prices skyrocket again.  Many families around the the world are discovering that its not too difficult to get your own wind generator built and up and running which is much cheaper than buying a pre built wind generator. .. perhaps just a couple hundred bucks.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to construct a wind turbine tower first and one site recommends just using an old telephone signal tower which can be erected in parts.  The most complex part of the construction process is putting together the hubs and blades but with a little patience and elbow grease you’ll be up and running in no time potentially slashing your electricity bill by half.

One of the most popular step by step guides to build your own wind generator is provided by Michael Harvey who has been building wind and solar power systems for friends and family for the past 6 years.

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Flexible Solar Panels Get More Mobile
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06:01:02 pm on October 27, 2008

Just how flexible can solar cells get??? Thin film solar cell panels are flexible enough to be molded on common building appliances and external structures.Howvwer new research promises to give even more “ flexibility ” by creating liquid solar cells. Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Sumitomo Chemical Company, Japan are working on a method that makes it possible to create molecules in liquid forms that duplicate the solar cell and organic electroluminescence processes that create electricity. These liquid molecules can be spread on textiles in form of a thin organic layer and when the molecules dry they form a permanent covering. When light falls on this surface electricity is produced as in conventional solar cells. In other words you can “ wear ” your power source

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American Solar Energy Society
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02:28:38 pm on October 27, 2008

I just came across a great resource for everything having to do with solar energy.  The American Solar Energy Society was established in 1954 and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy and other renewable energies.   There are some great resources such as email updates, green collar jobs reports, resources for green energy professionals, a job board,  a tool to help locate local solar installers and the company puts on one of the largest solar conferences in the US, now in its 38th year.  Their pillar product is the magazine Solar Today, an award winning magazine discussing local ASES chapters, sustainable transportation, green jobs and more.  The latest issue has articles on the basics of solar and wind power, how to slash your utility bills, heating and cooling efficiency, government rebates and financing as well as a buyers guide to vendors and installers.

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Tracking Solar Energy Companies
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02:08:09 pm on October 27, 2008

Are you looking for solar energy companiesGreenStocksCentral.com is a portal focusing exclusively on alternative energy companies and provides breaking news, analysis, real time chat and full tracking features.  The solar energy tracker features a list of publicly traded solar energy companies with info such as company profile, breaking news, current price, next years earnings estimates, the date they report earnings and much more.  Here is a screenshot of the tracking system:


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Green Rating for Cars
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03:17:31 pm on October 26, 2008

US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has come out with a SmartWay program for gauging the efficiency of the plethora of green cars. This program was created in 2004 to rank the fuel efficiency of commercial trucks and was expanded to include passenger vehicles.

Now customers won’t have to wade through the growing number of ratings and jargons such as “ Tier II, Bin 5, grams of carbon dioxide per mile ” associated with a cars green efficiency. Under this program a “ green leaf “or an “ elite green leaf “ is awarded to the cleanest of all the cars. Some models to earn this elite certification include, natural gas-powered Honda Civic GX, the hybrid Toyota Prius , hybrid versions of the Civic, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry

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Algae Biofuel Doubles its Demand
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05:11:12 am on October 26, 2008

The Algal Biomass Summit, in Seattle would see twice last years participation .The event will feature 50 presentations and 30 odd presentations and would act as a knowledge sharing platform for discussing viability off algae as a fuel source. Clean-tech investor Vinod Khosla will also be participating in this conference. Khosla has invested quite some billions in a variety of clean tech startups such as solar, carbon capture.

Tom Byrne, president of The Byrne Company and secretary of the (Algal Biomass Organization ), ABO Steering Committee adds , “ That more than 600 people from around the world have registered, reflects the intense global interest in algae as one of the most promising renewable energy sources. But it’s also clear that people are coming to learn from the best and the brightest scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, government leaders and venture capitalists who are speaking and presenting posters at the event “

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