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Benefits Of Big Oil

bigoilpoliticsEven though consumers are complaining about the cost of fuel, big oil still serves a purpose in the ever changing face of globalization.  Perhaps it can be said that the challenges presented by big oil are the perfect starting place for creating beneficial changes.  Without a question, change starts with individuals and purpose driven initiatives, and not governing bodies and mega industries.

Big Oil Keeps Everyone Bargaining

What would our world be like today if we could not use our money to influence events in other nations?  The bottom line is we need oil.  At the same time, other countries need our money in order to play a role in the global economy.  As a result, if we so desire it, we can put forth suggestions about human rights reforms.  If other countries want our money, they have to consider these things, or face the possibility we will walk away and look for other trading partners.  While this has not been entirely successful, the potential remains.

Big Oil has Enough Money to Pay for Environmental Rehabilitation

Irregardless of how they try to hide it, the oil industry is making a huge profit on rising prices.  On the other hand, the amount of environmental destruction as a result of greenhouse warming is going to cost a lot of money to fix.  Perhaps instead of forcing big oil to pay more taxes, we should be forcing the oil industry to hire people to clean up the environment. Then, they can be putting people to work in local communities, and also for a purpose that directly addresses the harm that has come from the usage of their products.  In this way, big oil becomes a team player, not an enemy.

Big Oil Enrages Consumers

Without a question, apathy is the hardest thing to overcome when you need to instigate change.  Chances are, everyone that has to buy gas is starting to get upset with the ever rising cost.  In my opinion, anger channeled into legal and productive efforts is a good, healthy thing.  Anger will create an incentive to cut back on oil use, and it will also create an incentive to make purposeful and targeted lifestyle changes.  In addition, because this kind of anger can last for years, hopefully it will not subside for many generations.  As  a result, we will have a long lasting cure for global warming and the promotion of products that cause so much destruction.

A Look to the Future

Just a few months ago, Barrack Obama did not believe he could defeat Hillary Clinton.  She had the experience, the network, and the household name recognition status.  All Obama really had was the conviction that we need to change the status quo.   Perhaps it can be said that Obama won because America today is a nation that is tired of warfare, tired of big government,  afraid of another financial depression, and wondering what to do next.

In my opinion, t is highly questionable that Obama can provide these answers, let alone regulate the oil industry in a way that will use its best features.  On the other hand, we, as individuals can still take a good long look at the oil, and renewable fuel industries and, take steps to make sure they are used for environmental purposes.  In the process of that examination, it is likely we will find that we do not need to reinvent the wheel.  Rather, we only need to learn how to use the one we already have in a more productive way.

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