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Barack Obama vs John McCain On Nuclear Energy

obama_mccain.jpgWithout a question, to Senator McCain, nuclear fuels are the easiest to develop, and therefore best option on the table.   His only hesitance when it comes to nuclear fuel is that the waste products cannot be recycled safely.  In answer to this, he supports finding ways and places to store radioactive materials.  During his time as Senator he has voted in favor of creating a permanent repository for nuclear waste in Nevada.

Senator Obama shares a willingness to increase reliance on nuclear materials,  and is also focused on finding a better way to recycle or store nuclear fuels.  While both candidates express concern about terrorist strikes in the United States, neither candidate has addressed this specifically in the context of what would happen if we increase our reliance on nuclear power plants.

But then again, as I write this neither candidate has elaborated on the following:

– there are thousands of barrels of nuclear waste  leaking radiation at the bottom of the world’s oceans, not to mention other forms of nuclear materials.  In addition, many of the marine habitats that serve as human food resources are increasingly showing contamination from nuclear waste.





– Researchers in Germany indicate higher rates of childhood leukemia and perhaps other cancers in people that live close to nuclear power plants.


– Older nuclear power plants, such as Indian Point in New York, are on the verge of being shut down becase of safety  issues.


If we do not take action to curb consumer need for fuel, then it falls upon big oil and other industries to provide that fuel.  At the same time, try telling people that the best policy for reducing our independence on foreign oil is one that either imposes rationing or penalizes  consumers that go over a specific amount of fuel use.  As a result, both McCain and Obama are looking exclusively to energy producers and industrial manufacturers to solve the fuel problem.  While both feel that nuclear fuels will play an increased role in reducing reliance on fossil fuel, the evidence points to a number of reasons why this is a non-viable answer when compared to the benefits of letting big oil price itself out of business, and thus regulate consumer fuel usage patterns via the natural laws of capitalism.

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