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Archive for August, 2011

Barack Obama Vs John McCain On Ethanol

As with every other aspect of energy related legislation, there is no question in my mind that the renewable fuel plans put forth by both John McCain and and Barrack Obama are egregiously poor. Neither candidate has a viable long term plan that will benefit this nation, or the environment.

Barack Obama vs John McCain On Nuclear Energy

Without a question, to Senator McCain, nuclear fuels are the easiest to develop, and therefore best option on the table.   His only hesitance when it comes to nuclear fuel is that the waste products cannot be recycled safely.  In answer to this, he supports finding ways and places to store radioactive materials.  During his time as […]

Senate GOP Denies Cleantech Funding

Record high gas prices and a fumbling economy should have had the US administration take corrective measures. However, the US senate voted against bills that would have revoked tax benefits for oil companies. The proposed measures would have also provided the necessary shot in the arm for the renewable power sector.

Benefits Of Big Oil

Even though consumers are complaining about the cost of fuel, big oil still serves a purpose in the ever changing face of globalization.  Perhaps it can be said that the challenges presented by big oil are the perfect starting place for creating beneficial changes.  Without a question, change starts with individuals and purpose driven initiatives, and […]

Algae an Emerging Biofuel – GreenFuel, Solix, Live Fuel, Algenol

High oil prices and increased demand for energy across the globe has pushed research in the alternate fuel segment.  Biofuels are seen as an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. However, the availability of appropriate raw material and an inexpensive processing technology is critical for widespread adoption of biofuels.

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