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Energy Trends

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint With Carbon Offset Credits

For your next birthday, how about a gift card full of nothing? With new carbon offset gift cards, charitable giving reaches new heights – rather than donating in lieu of a gift, you’re actually giving a gift that takes something from the receiver. It’s a funny concept that’s hard for capitalistic society to grasp: donating our hard-earned money […]

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy

There has been significant development of green energy generation technologies in the past couple of years. The emphasis however has largely been on the “generation” aspect of energy and negligible in the “transportation” aspect. By transportation I refer to the process of delivering the energy across to a large number of consumers in an economical andefficient manner.

Algae an Emerging Biofuel – GreenFuel, Solix, Live Fuel, Algenol

High oil prices and increased demand for energy across the globe has pushed research in the alternate fuel segment.  Biofuels are seen as an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. However, the availability of appropriate raw material and an inexpensive processing technology is critical for widespread adoption of biofuels.