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The Latest From the Green Stream, A Mini Blog Focused on the Latest News In Green Energy:

  • Green Chic Fashion Trends

    From hippie to hip: “Green chic” isn’t just for tree-huggers

    We, the people, love to shop. But on average, just sixth months after purchasing consumer goods just one percent remains. It’s true: 99 percent of goods bought by Americans is in the dump half a year later. Food, light bulbs, packaging, clothes, electronics – due to “planned obsolescence” and “perceived obsolescence” sooner or later all the products we buy go back into the ground to begin a much longer life of disuse, decay, and toxin emission.   … read more »

  • Green Living Begins At Home

    green_living.gifGo into any grocery store, big-box retailer, or shopping mall these days, and you’ll notice “green” products practically jumping off the shelves into your cart. People are growing increasingly concerned about the state of the environment, and marketers have picked up on that fact. Sometimes it seems like “green” has become just another advertising slogan. In today’s consumer-driven society, it’s easy to forget one simple fact: Going green begins at home. … read more »

  • Google.org Focuses On Green Energy With Recharge It & REC

    google org.gifGoogle has come a long way since its nascent days as a speedy search engine. Its employment of only the best and brightest has led to the successful development of programs like Gmail and Google Earth. They just think of everything, combining the best features of the programs in competition, without the glitches.  … read more »

  • Walmart Helping to Lead Green Initiative in Corporate America

    Not so long ago, “going green” was seen as something that was only important to granola-crunching hippies. Fortunately for all of us and the planet we live on, times have changed. As the effects of global warming and pollution become harder and harder to ignore, people have become more eager to do something about it.  … read more »

  • Part I: Investing in Electric/Hybrid Car Stocks – Toyota (TM)

    After several months of planning, designing and debugging Green Energy Trends, I’m happy to be writing the inaugural post for the investing section. I’ll be covering the latest trends in not only electric and hybrid cars, which I feel are on the verge of exploding in the popularity over the next couple of years, but other green energy themes such as wind, solar, biofuels, marine turbines and more… all of which are so critical to decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and restoring the health of our environment. … read more »

  • Barack Obama Vs John McCain On Ethanol

    ethanol.jpgAs with every other aspect of energy related legislation, there is no question in my mind that the renewable fuel plans put forth by both John McCain and and Barrack Obama are egregiously poor. Neither candidate has a viable long term plan that will benefit this nation, or the environment.

    … read more »

  • Barack Obama vs John McCain On Nuclear Energy

    obama_mccain.jpgWithout a question, to Senator McCain, nuclear fuels are the easiest to develop, and therefore best option on the table.   His only hesitance when it comes to nuclear fuel is that the waste products cannot be recycled safely.  In answer to this, he supports finding ways and places to store radioactive materials.  During his time as Senator he has voted in favor of creating a permanent repository for nuclear waste in Nevada.

    … read more »

  • Senate GOP Denies Cleantech Funding

    senate_GOP_oil.gifRecord high gas prices and a fumbling economy should have had the US administration take corrective measures. However, the US senate voted against bills that would have revoked tax benefits for oil companies. The proposed measures would have also provided the necessary shot in the arm for the renewable power sector. … read more »

  • Benefits Of Big Oil

    bigoilpoliticsEven though consumers are complaining about the cost of fuel, big oil still serves a purpose in the ever changing face of globalization.  Perhaps it can be said that the challenges presented by big oil are the perfect starting place for creating beneficial changes.  Without a question, change starts with individuals and purpose driven initiatives, and not governing bodies and mega industries.

    … read more »